Deck Leverage Pulley

  • Works on ALL rectangular knockout frame machines! 
  • No Fastner Plates
  • No Bolts
  • 360 degree spinning body and head
  • Get to the directional angle of your pull points
  • Systematically hit any pull point from the deck of the machine to the underside of the vehicle with directional precision.



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PUMPA Technology Products, inc.

Collision Repair - Frame Straightening


Benefits of the Workstation

  • There is only  one pump to service instead of four to five depending on your current system.
    • Oil change
    • Cleaning
    • Repairs

          This is an annual maintenance service savings!

  • Gives the option of simultaneously using five  rams, one of them is a dual acting ram, all with flow control. Technicians have the ability to completely close any port under pressure during operation.

  • It allows you to repair the extraction point the way it went in.
  • Reducing the risk of further damage to the frame/metals being repaired.
  • Portability
  • Six 15 foot hoses
  • Allows work to be completed wherever the services are needed.
  • Compatible with floor systems and frame machines.
  • Reduces cycle time.
  • Upgrades ALL of your current frame straightening equipment by adding endless options and workability.
  • Saves your shop time and money EVERY time it's used!